As a Christian storyteller, I find story and faith inextricably linked and overflowing from everything our culture creates – books, movies, art, music, food, on and on. The stories we tell live and move and have their true being when anchored to faith in Christ. In other words: to the extent that a story reflects or reveals Christ more fully, that story is true (like our lives, for instance).

I’m interested in creating and amplifying the true stuff.

I write stories in many forms: kid lit, case studies, poetry, nonfiction, liturgy, drama (to name a few). I work for a variety of organizations and non-profits amplifying their stories through my writing. I have been published in Reformed Worship, Banner, and Think Christian, to name a few. I have published scripts, liturgies, poetry, and devotionals for my church over the years – they are one of my favorite venues for my writing, because my community shapes my writing more than anything.

My family consists of one amazing and long-suffering woman whom I will never deserve but is okay with that, one constantly-coloring little girl, one blonde agent of chaos, one toddler with a seriously old soul, and a newborn with a warrior’s heart. Also, barring my wife, they’re all under five. Our little two-bedroom in rural Indiana, like our lives, is full to the brim.

If you want to get to know me better, let’s get a beer and hang out sometime. Or you can do some light reading over at my blog. I hope you come away from with something weighty to chew on, with a little more joy and hope, and with the knowledge that every moment of your story has meaning and matters more than you can know.