belief is to feed

Answer! We're too fascinated, fastened to our fashions, Stacked ads and rancid fads, Flaccid in our patched passions. What matters most isn't plastered On our fast-latched flash-goals, Or packed onto our flack-stashing, fatty souls. Catch Him if you can, cracked ones, or crash. Your cash won't make you whole. Listen! He invites you in. Light … Continue reading belief is to feed

sense the butcher

Violence in the bone And silence in the stone Heart at the cry, we are party To the crime, parting comfort From the sigh, "Come and buy, souls for sale, Discounts for the dregs, wholesale Bitter pills, People killed by kindness withheld!" Weeping filled with findings revealed: Our hearts. Our hearts are violence, pestilence. Restlessness … Continue reading sense the butcher